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Laura Elizabeth Design

Scrunchie Gift Set

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A Laura Elizabeth original hand-drawn design printed on a luxurious duchess satin fabric creating a gorgeous medium-sized scrunchie, handmade in Dublin, Ireland. 

The full Laura Elizabeth scrunchie collection includes 6 vibrant designed luxury duchess satin scrunchies.

All our beautifully designed products are the perfect gift for a loved one. 

Blue - Daisy
Pink - Dandelion
Yellow - Bee
Green - Palm Tree
White - Lemon
Mint - Dragonfly

•The benefits of using a satin scrunchie 

They are proven to reduce split ends because they naturally cause less friction and tension on your hair compared to normal bobbins. As a result, satin scrunchies are gentle to use and lead to fewer breakages of the hair. They also decrease frizz and normal bobbin creases.